As a multi-talented artist, Bjoern Thomas floats among different areas of artistic creation in a general sense; engineer, product developer, creative director, filmmaker. Bjoern Thomas benefits from his experiences in all these areas to make the maximum effect in his artistic work. Exemplary for his boundless thinking is that he recently bought a ticket for a suborbital flight to fuel his creativity, getting inspired by an astronaut training program and finally the overview perspective on the earth – while executing an unique art project in space.

Bjoern Thomas uses photography to discover foreign elements prevalent in our society, exploring uncanny sub-cultures one does not personally understand. The photographer unearths the differences between individuals, the human alien aspects one may never have personally encountered, seen most notably in his powerful “Gangster” series which has been shown at the Saatchi Museum or Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing and is also part of important collections, e.g. family Pritzker in US or Jan Eric Löwenadler ins Sweden. His ART SPACE FOR SPACE ART campaign is a unique art event in outer space with a real spacecraft – a historic project for our mankind. It gets time for the “Space 2.0” mission of contemporary art – which should not only geographically widen the horizon of the human world. The ART SPACE FOR SPACE ART initiative will be executed in 2 main steps. Bjoern Thomas plans to finalize the first ART SPACE project phase just in time for a worldwide preview at SCOPE MIAMI and the amazing SPACE ART project phase during the suborbital trip with the QZ1 spacecraft in 2017. During the flight he will launch the SPACE FLAG into outer space.  Bjoern started already with his astronaut training and successfully passed the G-force-test. Watch this:  or